Monday, December 23, 2013

A Finish ...

You can access the story about the Rochdale Reunion that was in Newsday on Saturday, Dec. 21 via the following address.

If you cannot get in, give me a holler and I will show you how to do it.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


The culmination of a lot of hard work, we finally had our Reunion on October 5. It looks like everyone had lots of fun, and I am happy that I was one of the four people who put this thing together.

For more information on the Reunion, please check Facebook. There will be plenty of photos and other memories posted there.

We will have a big spread in Newsday in the coming weeks. Please look for that.

And finally, a tip of our collective hats to our old neighborhood, Rochdale Village. Living there put a definite stamp on our lives, and we can agree to disagree about everything, but one thing we can all agree with---


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reunion Deadline

It seems that several people have just awakened from a slumber that seemingly began at the beginning of the year, and have discovered that we are having a Reunion on Oct. 5.

To those Rip Van Winkles: I am sorry, but the deadline has passed, passed you right by.

The deadline for getting us your payments was extended twice, and we can no longer add on any more time. September 15 was the absolute, drop-dead date for payments, and none--and I mean none--will be accepted at the door.

Things have been ordered, we have to tell the caterer this weekend the amount of people coming, and well, you had your chance.

One person on Facebook said that I was "threatening" people when I told them that the deadline had passed, but quite frankly, where have these people been the last nine of more months or so?

The committee is meeting this weekend to iron out the final details, and if you are an attendee, and want to have any input into the Reunion, please send me an email at I would be more than happy to present whatever you have to say to the committee.

So, for those who missed out, sorry, but you missed the boat.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Final Attendee List

OK, here is the final attendee list as of today, September 21, 2013.

I hope you see yourself on this list.

Arkin    Lori
Ashkenazy    Debbie and Hymie
Banks and Spieler    Heide and Barbara
Benson    David and Mrs.
Berman    Jay
Bernstein    Eileen
Blumberg    Beth
Blumenstein    Larry
Bokser    Andrew
Brandon    Nancy
Charney    Gary
Chelmow    Marcy
Cohen    Lenore
Cutler    Arthur
Dean    Daveen
Dobshinsky    Allen and Edie
Eagle    Len
Efran    Howard
Fagen    Craig
Fagen    Brian
Feiwus LoPresti    Martha
Field    Lori
Field    Husband, Son, D-In Law
Fishelman    Joyce
Fredericks    Diane
Gezzi    Debbie
Gezzi    Laura
Godnick (Staloff)    Debbie
Goland    Lois
Gold    Billie
Goldbeck*    Dan
Goldberg    Larry
Goldfisher Levy    Michelle
Goldman    Fred
Goldstein Schain    Linda
Goldstein Winokur    Robin
Gononsky    Gerald
Gorbacz-Daniel    Hilda
Greene    Michael
Greenstein    Alan
Grossman    Gerald
Gugick    Arthur
Heckelman Behar    Sheryl
Higgs    Susan and Guest
James-Jones    Patricia
Jones-Randall    Diane
Kalish    Janet
Kalish    Kenny
Kanter-Wenger    Andrea
Kanzer and Niecestro    Caryn and Robert
Kaplan    Stew
Kirsch Shayowtiz    Fran and Barry
Klein    Hedy
Kornhaber    Joan
Kronenberg    Mindy and Guest
Kurland    Miriam and husband
Kurzer    Paulette
Labow    Alan
Lapidus    Cindy
Lapka    Carl and Phyllis
Lapka    Larry, Elena and Joshua
Levenson    Jeff
Levy    Drew
Lobel    Elliott
Markowitz Jacobs    Seena
Mashin Grosseto    Laure
Mazur    Joyce and Wayne
Mazur    Mitchell
Meginsky    Karen
Mendel    Ira
Mintzer    Barry and Debbie
Mizrahi    David
Moskowitz    Hal
Neiman    Laura
Newstat    Joyce
Orzick Spiegel    Teri
Paige    Billy
Pernick    Joe
Perrick    David
Perry    Susan
Raskin    Deborah
Raskin    Joe
Reich    David
Reisch    Bruce
Rennert    Steve
Roemer    Ira and Bonita
Rose    Helene
Rosen Montesano    Noreen
Rosen Rosenblum    Arlene
Rosing    Larry and Stefanie
Rosoff    Jerry
Scherer    Robert
Scherlag    Gary
Schlussel    Stephen
Schlussel-Oppenheimer    Barbara
Schneider Wahrsager    Miriam
Schulman    Larry
Schuman Kline    Roberta
Schuman Labovsky    Maxine
Schwartz    Arthur
Schwartz    Mara
Schwartz    Norm
Seleznow    Steve and Louise
Sherman    Marc
Siegel Sanders    Ellen
Silberger    Monte and Linda (Freitag)
Slatnick    Linda
Smiley    Margo
Solow    Michael
Sprung-Werbel    Debbie
Srulawitz    Pamela, Helen and Linda
Starr    Anita
Starr Scarfone    Janet
Steinfeld    Trudy
Stolls    Michele
Trink Roffe    Shelley and Saul
Weinrib    Karen and Debra
Weinrib    Mark
Welovnick    Stephen
Williams    Pamela
Yatkowitz    David
Youngworth    David

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Yes, what you may have heard, or what perhaps you will read here for the first time, is correct.

Newsday, the Long Island newspaper, is covering our little get together.

They will send out a reporter to the Lynbrook location on Oct. 5, and there will be a story on the event that will run in their Saturday Part 2--generally geared to Baby Boomers--on a future Saturday.

They will be the only news organization there.

Here is a post from the Rochdale Reconnection Facebook site introducing the reporter to the Reunion attendees.

Cara Trager is writing a story about Rochdale Village and Long Island residents who once lived in RV. If you live or have lived on Long Island and are interested in being interviewed for the article or want to find out more about the story first, please send Cara your name, phone number(s) and the best times to reach you. 

Her email address is:

I was interviewed by her yesterday, and we had a very nice conversation.

If you are interested, contact her immediately. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reunion Countdown

Today is the 17th of September, and as the days wind down in the summer of 2013, so does the amount of time we have before the Reunion.

We have 18 days to go before the biggest bash of the year is held in Lynbrook, Long Island.

If you are one of the approximately 150 who are going to this event, all I can say is "Thanks."

You knew that this would be something memorable, and you put your money where your mouth was and decided that this was a good investment.

For those who have not paid, you might have missed the boat here.

Yes, I know, $65 is a lot of money during these hard times, and many of us are not employed right now.

For others, you have conflicting schedules, or you live too far away to make the commute.

I understand, believe me I do, and I thank you for at least having interest in this event.

For those who are still sitting on the fence, time is a'wasting.

You must get your checks to the above address this week.

The P.O. Box is being closed on Saturday, so if you send your checks late in the week, they will come right back to you like a boomerang.

So if you have finally made the decision to attend, SEND YOUR CHECKS OUT TODAY.

Please send them to the above address ONLY.

I will check the Box each day this week, but we need a full head count ASAP.

I hate to be so somber and direct here, but we have been publicizing the Reunion for the entire year, and why it has taken some people so long to make a decision is beyond my, or the Committee's, comprehension.

If there is a problem, please let me know pronto. My email address is

Thanks, and I hope to see you there on Oct. 5.